Ashleigh Vance


Name: Ashleigh Vance
IGN: Ash
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5’4" / 162.5 CM
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Brown
Class: Restorer/Sigilmaker

Just trying to get through and make it not-so-bad in the meantime.

Ashe has a pretty slim form, short and with vaguely defined curves. Her hair lays around shoulder-blade length, straight and kept behind her shoulders. Subtle curves lay behind her clothing and she looks visibly youthful, around eighteen or nineteen, one would guess. She dresses in a typical casual manner, though isn’t often seen without a light jacket.

In her past life, Ash was an apprentice chef in the streets of London, living in a cheap flat and more or less trying to live on her wages. She lived a simple, ascetic life beyond the game.


Ashleigh Vance

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