Brick Slasher


DWM Handle —BrickS

Gender —Male
Species —Human
Age —29
Hair —Metallic white buzzcut
Eyes —Silver
Complexion —Deeply tanned. Many badass tattooes (most of them concealed under clothes)
Height —7’ even
Weight —340 lbs
Build —Wall of muscle
Class —L1 Knight
Subclass —Tamer
DigiTF species —Falcomon

Partner —Skullbreaker, a Liollmon

Money —5000 bits

Ockham, a zweihander (oversized two-handed sword) with wavy edges. Strapped to his back
Vision, wraparound mirrorshades. May or may not have spiffy features/functions
Last Line, black leather armor that’s designed/tailored to look like something Schwarzenegger would wear in one of his lead roles


Brick Slasher

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