Danielle Love

Pretty in Purple. And Purple.


Name: Danielle Love
Handle: Dani Love
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age Out of Game: 22
Age In Game: 16
Class: Bowman/Tracker
Level: 1 /3.5
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Color: Pink
Hair: Lilac
Partner: None
Items: White wood bow, Quiver of white feathered arrows.

Shell Integrity: 100%

Physical Alterations: None

Description and Bio

Drawn into the latest craze, not exactly willingly the 22 year old university student found her overbearing and far too wealthy father putting out far too much money to buy a top of the range system so that his beloved daughter might be able to join in the pastimes of her University friends. Of course, luck would have it that the system, being top of the range was set for the latest game to be released. Getting into the launch before any of her friends Dani sat down that fateful night, set herself up, putting off her Fashion degree’s coursework…and then the incident happened.


Dani’s in-game appearance is that of a feisty 16 year old girl, pale lilac hair done up into two small twin tails, dressed in a relatively long sweater-dress, pale purple in tone. Complete with thigh-high socks and dark purple boots it is very obvious that Dani is that sort of player – who spends far more time in the costume creator, tweaking her appearance til it was just right for her tastes…and painfully without much of a thought of practicality.


Class Abilities

*Aimed Shot – Single Target, Damage Medium, Cooldown Low – A mid ranged shot that does more damage than a base attack.

Digimon Abilities (Self)

None Known


Danielle Love

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