Grace Leonhardt


Name: Grace Leonhardt
Out of Game: Age 21
Handle: LuckyGrace
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age In Game: 21
Class: Duelist
Subclass: Tamer
Level: 1
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 143.0 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Black
Partner: Renamon (Male) “Raynard”
Connections: Dani, Jess, Kay
Weapons: Fencing Saber
Shell Integrity: 100 %


Avatar: For her avatar, Grace decided to go with something close to her origional physical apperance… With a little bigger ‘assets’. Under the username “LuckyGrace” Grace chose to build her character’s outfit in a french duelist’s flair, with a nice amount of green. Her skin is fair, Her Hairs carefully pulled back so she can still have it down, but have her bangs out of her eyes. She wears armored padding on her off hand under the cape hiding her arm, and a gauntlet on her main weapon hand. She’s decently and lightly armored with a light breast plate, and grieves as well.

For her partner, Linna had no second thoughts on a Renamon, due to how cool she thought Renamon was when she was a kid. She named her partner “Reynard” to differentiate it from other Renamon if she were to come across any others.

Parry – Take no damage for an attack intended for her. If it’s a physical melee attack, there is a chance it can be reflected back at the attacker.

Background Outside of Digimon Worlds, Grace is a med student trying to finally become her dream job. She grew up watching Digimon with her best friend from kindergarten, Jess. The two were nigh inseparable growing up, almost like sisters. When they reached college age, Jess and Grace’s paths diverged with Lisa persuing a dream to be a teacher and Grace to be a Doctor. The two kept in contact however, even with the distance.

She continued living the student’s life. Go to the occasional party, putting the nose to the grindstone, Hanging out with and messing with her roomate Dani, and playing any video games that she can due to her loving them as her stress relief. Hearing about the devolopment of the Digimon MMO she’s been on that like white on rice. All the way till release she’s been mad hyped about playing it with her old friend. She even managed to be the one to convince Dani to join in on the fun with her and Jess. So with two friends on board, Grace thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask another in an MMO game. Turning to Kay, she’ll invite her as well, considering the two have come together by conversing online, why not have it be an online game too?


Grace Leonhardt

Digimon Worlds MMO GraceLeonhardt