Jeong-Ji Moon

A Spritly Spite-filled Gamer


Name: Jeong-Ji Moon
Out of Game Age: 16
Out of Game Profession: Student
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age In Game: 16
Class: Blaster
Subclass: Berserker
Level: 1
Height: 5’ 0"
Weight: 110.0 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Black
Connections: Jess, Vic
Weapons: Wooden Staff
TF Digimon: Veemon

Hotshot – Shoots a single target with a bolt of fire.


Jeong-Ji, JJ to her friends and clan mates, busted into the e-sports scene with reckless abandon after it went from niche competitions and dark tournaments to sponsorships and prize pools of 10 million plus. Born a simple Korean girl in a first generation American house hold, she strives to be the best. The BEST. No matter what. That is to say, JJ doesn’t have her ethics. No aimbots, no unsanctioned third party software. Just pure skill. And the ability to read between the lines and find that gray area between right and wrong per the rules of the tournament organizers and the game itself.

Having recently steamrolled the hero shooter and MOBA genres, the teen titan of gaming seeks a new frontier: that of MMOs. Ironically, the game she picked was Digimon Worlds, a soon to be released game where she got a sweet endorsement deal if she wore some weird monsters on her clothes now and then and talked about how good it is. Plus, it was full VR, so it’s a new experience for her. Too bad she’s sucked into the weirdness like everyone else is by Piedmon.

Mostly to keep her image recognition, she appears in-game as she does out of game: A gawky, skinny teen of Korean heritage with dark eyes and straight black hair. JJ dresses up a little, going for a futuristic singlet and hip-hugger cargo shorts that hardly have any hips to hug and a bomber jacket. The tight top has her personal logo on it, that of a spilled salt shaker. On the arms of her jacket are the various teams and sponsors the brat of gaming has aligned herself with, six on each side with the right arm being her teams (current and former) and the left her sponsors (Just Digimon Worlds for now, it seems. Could be related that terrible personality of hers). The pro gamer went with a pair of classic chuck taylors for foot wear.

Jeong-Ji is a bit of a brat. A lot of a brat. What’s worse is, she’s got the gaming skill to back it up. All this has inflated her ego somewhat, mostly setting her ego-dirigible up for a Hindenburg-esque disaster down the road, probably followed by a total meltdown. She does have a soft side, however. It’s likely buried under the ego, though, much like an onion has many layers. Layers of insecurity created by sticking out and getting bullied heavily by anyone in her local high school. She demolished the grading curve due to her perfectionist tendencies and desires to be the best and played video games that weren’t cutesy bullshit. With a bullseye painted on her skinny rear, she was everyone’s easy target.

Sticking up for her was her ‘friend’ Brick, mostly because he could fight back. The two are about as friendly as you could expect. Mostly because Jeong-Ji doesn’t like anyone getting close. A student teacher, going by Linna in game assigned to the school tried to keep her interested in learning via rewards related to video games and such, the older woman not being too bad in her eyes.

Jeong-Ji Moon

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