Lia Hope


Class: Sniper/tamer

Partner: Renamon – luke

She stands at 5ft 3 inchs and under the clothing she is wearing she has a very toned body from the exploring and whatever else that goes on. She has C-cup breasts and an ample butt, black hair flows down from her head. Due to the worlds varying lands she tries to take a set of clothes for any land she comes across though she prefers the warm climates but still enjoys exploring.




Before the incident had happened Lia was a bit of an ambivert, enjoyed company of others but was a bit shy still, friendly and nice. She always liked to explore so now she spends her time adventuring around the digital world with her partner mapping it out as best she can. During the incident she freaked out at first trying to repeatedly hit the log out button or whatever would be used as example as the Piedmon talked, it disbelief of what has just happened. She was just standing their stunned at what was going on to the girl, still in a state of disbelief. After this she did her best to try and hide how scared she was and get on with what had happened, she spent some nights rather upset though she had her renamon to comfort her.

Lia Hope

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