Blacklioll-blood are a hybrid species whose heritage is evenly divided between human and Blackliollmon.
Type: Beast Man
Attribute: Noble Virus

Digital biology: Mammalian Digimon who give live birth. The most common litter-size is 6 (six), but can sometimes be fewer than, or (rarely) more than six.
Diet: Obligate carnivores.

Most Blacklioll-blood are between 5’6" and 7’0" in height. They are well-muscled, and typically weigh a little more than a human of the same height would. Like most Digiworld species, Blackliollmon display practically no sexual dimorphism at all; the most effective means of telling male from female is by scent.

The head of a Blacklioll-blood is anatomically identical to that of Liollmon; their eyes differ in that they’re a reddish shade of some hue. Like the pureblood Digimon they’re derived from, every BlackLiollmon wears a Holy Ring around its neck, like a collar. However, the Blacklioll-blood’s Holy Ring is a golden band with slate-grey edging, and its gem-like ‘tag’ (which can appear to be either dark red or transparent green) is attached to the Ring by a chain of two golden links and two slate-grey links.

Every Blacklioll-blood is covered entirely in jet-black fur at birth. Around their first birthday, they develop patches of different-colored fur at the top of their head; at their wrists; along their spine, from heart-level to the end of their tail; and at their ankles. The different color is always a reddish shade of some hue; actual red is the single most common such color, appearing on 20%-25% of all Blacklioll-bloods. The reddish head-fur tends to grow wild in all cases; while male head-fur tends to stop a few inches below the shoulder, female head-fur keeps growing until it’s cut.

The torso bears six teats. When a female Blacklioll-blood is pregnant or nursing, milk accumulates underneath each teat, which therefore stick out like human breasts during such times.

Each limb bears pawpads, and four digits. The forepaws are greatly more dexterous than Blackliollmon forepaws, with claws greatly more dangerous than human fingernails. Digitgrade legs. They are equally comfortable in either bipedal or quadrupedal posture, and shift between those postures at will.

The tail is a muscular appendage which can swat enemies like a greatclub.

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