The available classes and advanced classes as discovered by the players, used for character creation

Base Classes

Warrior (Melee combatants)
•Duelist [DUE] (Fast/precision combat)
•Knight [KNI] (Strong/tank combat)
•Pugilist [PUG] (Combo-based)

Gunner (Ranged combatants)
•Sniper [SNI] (High damage, slow RoF)
•Gunslinger [GUN] (Trick shots)
•Bowman [BOW] (ancient weapons)

Hacker (‘Magic’ casters)
•Blaster [BLA] (Burst damage)
•Compiler [COM] (Summoner)
•Viral [VIR] (Debuff specialist)

Healer (Buff/healing specialists)
•Restorer [RES] (DoT heal/buff)
•Protector [PRO] (Damage prevention)
•Paladin [PAL] (Combat healer)

Scout (Skilled/stealth)
•Assassin [ASN] (Combat-based)
•Infiltrator [INF] (Stealth-based)
•Trickster [TRK] (Jack of All Trades)


Production: (Skills to create or improve items. Uses Ingredient items.)

Artisan [ART] (Produces many goods. Uses all Ingredients.)
Alchemist [ALC] (Produces potions. Uses Herbs)
Blacksmith [BLK] (Produces weapons/armor. Uses Ore)
Brewer [BWR] (Produces alcohol. Uses Herbs/Plants)
Chef [CHF] (Produces food. Uses edibles.)
Carpenter [CRP] (Produces wooden items. Uses Wood.)
Mechanic [MEC] (Produces mechanical goods. Uses all types of Ingredient)
Pharmacist [PHM] (Produces medicine. Uses Herbs)
Scribe [SCR] (Produces scrolls/documents. Does not use Ingredients)
Tailor [TLR] (Produces cloth and clothing. Uses Herbs and Leather)


Accountant [ACC] (Gives bonus to monetary transactions)
Advertiser [ADV] (Can increase business at shops/buildings)
Apprentice [APP] (Gives bonus to class XP gain , if partied with a higher level player of the same class)
Aristocrat [ARI] (Diplomacy bonus with Aristocrat NPCs)
Assistant [AST] (Production bonus)
Berserker [BSK] (Increased melee attack, decreased defense)
Cavalier [CAL] (Bonus to defense, horseback fighting)
Dancer [DAN] (Morale-boosting)
Farmer [FAR] (Tending farms, producing fruit/vegetable/meat Ingredients)
Fisherman [FSH] (Produces fish Ingredients)
Fortune Teller [FTL] (Can give random buff/debuffs to target)
Herbalist [HRB] (Can produce/collect herb type Ingredients)
Housekeeper [HKP] (Can maintain buildings, giving bonus to skill use)
Hunter [HUN] (Able to process animal Ingredients)
Lumberjack [LUM] (Can collect wood Ingredients)
Merchant [MER] (Bonus to selling price)
Miner [MIN] (Can collect metal/ore type Ingredients)
Pathfinder [PTH] (Bonus to overland move)
Physician [PHS] (Non-magical healing over time)
Scholar [SCO] (Can research lore and hidden information)
Sigilmaker [SGL] (Can inscribe temporary sigils to boost skills/abilities)
Tamer [TMR](Has a Digimon partner)
Tracker [TRA] (Stealth/tracking abilities)

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